The Next Level


Terms & Conditions

  • You will have access to the first 3 weeks worth of content in the program.

  • It includes access to everything a normal enrolment has such as Live group calls and access to the private forum, so you can make up your mind about your enrolment, having the chance to live the experience fully!

  • Take the most advantage of your trial by not only watching the classes but also participating in the weekly group calls and private forum, both places in which you will have the chance to interact with other highly experienced professionals from all around the World. This included past and current enrolled professionals which is a unique opportunity to learn what to expect moving forward!

  • This trial is only available for the 'one-time payment', which will be charged at the end of the 20 days if you wish to continue with your enrolment.

  • A few days before this trial period ends, we will be sending an email asking if you would like to continue with your enrolment. If you don't wish to proceed, please let us know so you don't get charged. However, if you decide to continue, let us know too, but no extra action will be required.

  • Assuming you would proceed with your enrolment, if you would like to add the 'Soft Skills & Strategy' optional chapter at a discounted price, please let us know by sending us an email!

  • The first 2 to 3 weeks in the program are sort of a warm-up, so everyone gets familiarized with the platform, with the pace and with the group as well. During this warm-up phase, the content's insights will reach different people differently, as to some, it might feel more sort of a recap, while to others it will contain already a lot of valuable information. Nevertheless, it's designed to be a warm-up.  After that phase, things start to get progressively more intense in content,  complexity and relevance for the outcome of the program: to be a well prepared and well rounded professional to assume or perfect a Leadership role!

    Here's an effort chart for your reference: