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Relevant voices about the Founders

I had the pleasure of working with Pedro when he worked for us at Milk VFX as a 2D Supervisor. He wrote a lot of our tools which our compers are still using today and implemented some great ideas into the 2D pipeline


Sara Bennet

Oscar Winner VFX Supervisor

For some years, I had been keen to bring Pedro into the DNEG fold and was delighted when the planets aligned for him to join as Compositing Supervisor. Pedro is collaborative - keen to share and upskill those around him - well-organised (spreadsheet-tastic!), dedicated to the VFX work and to his team, understanding of the business needs, clear in his communication, and always upbeat: a true professional and a pleasure to work with!

Debra Coleman

Former Global Head of Compositing at DNEG
Founder of Open Frame Coaching


Pedro is an amazing supervisor, one of those rare talents that outstand both creatively and technically. He is extremely organized, great at managing people and always developing tools to help the team and raise the bar. If you want to become a compositing supervisor there is no one better to learn from!"


Jorge Oliva

2D Supervisor at Milk VFX

Pedro is a great Supervisor, with a fantastic ability to develop bespoke tools for the challenges of a show. I have also seen him mentoring, training and take great care of his team. I have no doubt his skill set makes him the ideal guide to help you progress in your career

Salvador Zalvidea

VES Winner VFX Supervisor at Netflix


Pedro's technical skills are equally matched by his enthusiasm for VFX. I have witnessed first-hand his eagerness to share his techniques and knowledge with members of his comp team and Comp Lair and The Next Level program are an extension of that!

Louise Hastings


Head of New Projects at One Of Us

Pedro has inspired and still does everywhere he goes. His passion for VFX and the business is contagious. I am always looking forward to catching up with him and talk about his latest and greatest tricks!


Stefan Susemihl

Creative Director at Psyop

Monica's workshops were always meticulously planned and executed. Monica strikes a good balance between practical facilitation and injecting enjoyment into the activities. Monica ensured activities were clear and materials were available to make participants of different communication styles, roles, seniority and technical skills able to participate.


She allowed time for individuals and groups to produce work but followed up to ensure outcomes were clear and actionable. The results and reports she produced were clear and actionable. We received excellent feedback from participants and the outcomes of the workshops contributed to a feeling of rapport with our customers and informed the technical project.


Jenny Grinblo

Head of User Experience at Future Workshops

Monica is one of the best facilitator's we'd worked with. The fun and energy brought to the workshops was fantastic and not something that is easy to achieve or which many people can accomplish. All whilst still keeping the workshop team on track and on task and delivering great outcomes.


Always very well planned, engaging and high energy. Clients always loved the workshops and were committed throughout every session. This all resulted in delivering useful insights for the project.


Patrick Goffin

Director at Airteam®

Positive, useful workshops.


Monica was well prepared through research and planning, happy to go through whatever funny activity was needed in order to help the workshop reach a positive conclusion.

Matt Brooke-Smith

Founder / CEO at App Rail

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