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The unique program tailored for
aspiring and current 
Compositing Supervisors,
supported by Foundry!



- and you know it!

The beginning of something unique!

The Next Level program started on Jan 2021 which included 15+ different nationalities spread out across 4 continents, forming a very interesting and diverse group of professionals, such as Senior Compositors, Lead Compositors, Compositing SupervisorsCG Supervisors and even VFX Supervisors!

What's in it for you?

You won’t be learning how to create beautiful imagery - you already know how to do that! 

Instead, you will focus on how to better support your future teams with a different and specific type of knowledge that will enhance your technical and management ability to harness a project from a leadership position!

We are confident that this program will change and develop your mind in a different way!

The program is based on 3 pillars of knowledge that we believe are essential for the support of your future new role:


Support your future teams on every front with great, different and original technique!

Keying, CG Compositing, Linear Algebra, Particles, Deep, Color Science and much more! 


Empower and optimize your compositing systems and pipeline through scripting!

TCL, Python and QT


Harness any project, before and during production for a less stressful endeavour!

Project Management, Color Management and Quality Control


An extra subject that will be entirely customised by the students.
Mentoring, Persuasion, Verbal Communication, Adaptability,
Conflict Management, Flexibility


We are here to guide you throughout the length of the program, so every student has the opportunity to have a weekly group video call with the content creator as well as the currently enrolled students that share the same goal as you. Additionally, you can further engage with others by accessing and interacting in the private group forum.

Learn at your own pace, not on your own!

Who is this for?




Very thorough and fairly

fast-paced, the program has several knowledge assumptions and not so much a step-by-step type of teaching on the most basic foundations.

Current & Aspiring

Leads and Supervisors

Designed for professional artists that feel ready and with the necessary confidence to take leadership roles. For those with some experience on this front, but don't feel as comfortable as they would like in everything that this role entails.

Make pretty


You won’t be learning how to create beautiful imagery - you already know how to do that! The transformation will happen in you. You will be creative in finding solutions!

What do we want for you?


Be Confident

Transform yourself into someone ultra-confident in your tech and personal skills


More efficacy

Make better, smarter and faster decisions


Lead the way

Learn the numbers that really matter and support your teams with less stress, while being a team player yourself collaborating with other departments


Not just information.


Increase your network

Network in our industry is everything! During and even after the program, you will get the chance to be in touch with people from all over the world that share the same goals as you.


Get certified

At the end of the program, a certification will be emitted to you, signed by our content creator and founder Pedro Andrade and supported by Foundry. It will contain your name and a unique serial number that you will be able to share on your social media and create professional awareness.

Forget what we're telling you! Read what others are saying about it.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for this program; I have raved about it before and I will continue to rave about it often. It not only helped me to be a better leader, with a better technical and management understanding of the work my team and I do every day, but it also helped me to build a relationship with leaders around the world. This was one of the best experiences of both my life and career. The course really came full circle with all of the lessons and I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to step up their game and become a great leader/supervisor.


Brittany Piacente

Senior / Lead Compositor


I really enjoyed participating in the Next Level program. 

I learned a lot, gained fantastic insights into my fellow classmate's perspectives and also learned a great deal from their questions. The program has really been a rounded and positive experience and I am happy to have made the next step in my artists journey. Thank you Pedro and Monica for your dedication and for bringing this program to life!


Sabine Janetzka

Compositing Supervisor


The Next Level Program has been a fantastic learning experience. Pedro offers a different perspective on creative solutions and teaches the technical and most complex subjects in an easy to understand fashion. On top of it all, he has a fantastic approach to project management that I can't wait to implement in my own career.


Tor Andreassen

Compositing Supervisor / TD


The Next Level is what i was looking for. Top knowledge for experienced compositors. I still have to master what we have learned, but i feel it has everything I need.



Victor Morejon

Senior Compositor

The best investment I did this year. All the arguments are covered to give you the right confidence in embracing the next big step in becoming a compositing supervisor. The course and the weekly call with Pedro and the whole class, helped me look at things with a broader look. This is exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to bring this knowledge to my future leadership roles.


Michelangelo Frisoni

Lead Compositor


Being part of Class01 is always a risk since we don't know exactly what to expect. I knew Pedro for a couple of years and always have great admiration for his technical knowledge and his experience in the industry. This program was the best choice I made since I came to London. This allowed me to shape my skillset in a creative and practical way, develop a methodology to approach different problems, have a better understanding of some programming languages, and also build a great relationship with all the other industry colleagues. I am truly happy that I took that risk. I am sure this will change my career.


Igor Gama

Compositing Supervisor


The Next Level program has offered me a wealth of knowledge that was just as bit as valuable as I expected. It has provided me a much deeper technical understanding of compositing and has opened up so many new solutions and ways of thinking. It has built up my confidence to be in leading and supervision roles and has allowed me to help my teams more than ever before. It was an amazing experience to be part of this class.


Livia Nunes

Lead Compositor / TD


I enjoyed and learned a lot with this program. Really advanced topics and smart techniques that couldn't find anywhere else. I fully recommend it!


Pablo Izaguirre

VFX Supervisor


While we do not have any affiliation or partnership with any VFX facility, we're proud to say that we're helping professionals achieving their goals, that work in the biggest VFX companies in the World.


How it works

The program is designed to provide weekly content, allowing you time to learn, explore, experiment and solidifying the knowledge before moving forward.

Designed for a great learning experience

  • It's composed of chapters broken down into small lessons in pre-recorded videos.

  • You will have access to LIVE weekly group calls and a 24/7 private forum, in which you can interact with the rest of the enrolled group of professionals, including the content creator, Pedro Andrade.

  • In order to give you the attention you deserve, enrolments will be capped to a maximum number of people enroled at the same time.

  • The program is designed to be completed in 14 weeks, during which, one or more chapters will unlock weekly and automatically starting from the date you enrolled in the program, so you can focus and digest one thing at a time.

  • You can log into your Comp Lair curriculum whenever you’d like and gain access to the unlocked or full content, depending on where you are in your progression.

Have questions? Check our FAQs

The Curriculum

Content breakdown

Who's behind The Next Level?

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-05 at 4.04.15 PM (1).jpeg

"Critical times are the best to create our own opportunities!"

- Pedro Andrade

Founder and creator of Comp Lair 'The Next Level' program,

and host of Comp Lair Live Show


Pedro Andrade strongly believes that the key to the successful, smooth development and completion of any VFX project resides in great leadership. Committed to that mission, Pedro created 'The Next Level' program, unparalleled in the VFX industry by being specifically tailored for aspiring and current Compositing Supervisors.

‘The Next Level' program empowers experienced compositing professionals with a set of specific and unique types of knowledge that transform their of thinking about challenges with different solutions and great management foundations - always from a leadership point of view.

Being self-taught himself and an avid curious type of person, Pedro has first-hand experience in knowing what works and what doesn't when comes to learning by yourself outside a physical class. Passionate about changing the usual angle on how professionals see their day-to-day jobs, Pedro believes that this method gives the professional a unique set of skills that stand out, as it involves more research, more testing, and consequently a truly unique development and take on the job that matches and enhances the uniqueness of the individual.

Pedro Andrade is a VFX Head of Compositing that built his career in London, with extensive experience in all mediums of VFX production. With a mixed background in diverse arts and crafts such as Mechanical Engineering and Music Production, associated with multi-continent experiences and career paths, gives him a unique edge in the thinking process, knowledge, and leadership style.


Pedro is also a former Head of Compositing at MPC London, where he was responsible for the offices in London, Berlin and Montreal, hiring and overseeing more than 100+ artists, from Juniors to Supervisors. As a 2D Supervisor, Pedro worked in diverse companies such as DNEG, Cinesite or Milk VFX."

What people say about the program's content creator

"For some years, I had been keen to bring Pedro into the DNEG fold and was delighted when the planets aligned and he joined as a Comp Supe. Pedro is collaborative - keen to share and upskill those around him - well-organised (spreadsheet-tastic!), dedicated to the VFX work and his team, understanding of the business needs, clear in his communication, and always up-beat: a true professional and a pleasure to work with!"



Former Global Head of Compositing at DNEG

Founder of Open Frame Coaching

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NOW with Additional Flexibility

🔸 You can now enrol anytime you wish

🔸 A continuous class

🔸 More flexible enrolment fees

You will have the exact same experience with no need to wait for enrolment phases anymore!


We've separated the Soft Skills & Strategy chapter from the 3 core main pillars of the program, so you add it only and when you feel ready!




Base Pack


 • Chapters 1 to Chapter 17

Live Weekly Group Calls

Access to Private Forum

     • Access to PA_Tools Bundle

Soft Skills



Entirely Live mentoring Chapter

Optional ADD-ON


Chapter 18 with 5 Live Group Call Sessions

(7 to 10 hours)


Enrolments will be capped to a maximum number of people enroled at the same time.

What you get when you enrol?

Content with 180+ Lessons

Online and at your own pace experience

• Live weekly group calls

• Private forum

• Mobile-friendly experience

• Access to current and future updates

• Access to PA_Tools bundle

• Eligibility for Foundry Partnership Deal

 Soft Skills & Strategy [optional add-on]

Foundry Partnership Deal

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With your enrolment you will be automatically eligible to buy a graduate's license.
And then upgrade to
a full commercial license with

70% OFF!!!

Of the commercial regular price

Have questions? Check our FAQs

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