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Learn How To Grow And Sustain Your VFX Compositing Career Into Leadership Roles With Our Triangle System

and easily watch self-doubt, stress, and anxiety diminish!

We help experienced VFX Compositing professionals to rise above the rest with our unique structured holistic journey covering 
Mindset, Technique, Scripting, Management, Soft Skills & Strategy,
that eliminates self-doubt, stress, and overwhelm.

Who is it for?

Experienced Compositing Artists - Very thorough and fairly fast-paced, the program has several knowledge assumptions and not so much a step-by-step type of teaching on the most basic foundations.

Current & Aspiring Leads and SupervisorsDesigned for professionals who feel ready and with the necessary confidence to take leadership roles. Also for those with some experience on this front, but don't feel as comfortable as they would like in everything that this role entails.

It's NOT about learning how to make pretty imagery - You won’t be learning how to create beautiful imagery - at this stage, you probably already know how to do that! The transformation occurs within you as you develop the ability to creatively discover solutions!

I had the pleasure of working with Pedro when he worked for us at Milk VFX as a 2D Supervisor. He wrote a lot of our tools which our compers are still using today and implemented some great ideas into the 2D pipeline

Sara Bennet

Oscar Winner VFX Supervisor

Read what they got from it!

We're proud to say that we're helping professionals achieve their goals, that work in the biggest VFX companies in the World.


Pedro is a great Supervisor, with a fantastic ability to develop bespoke tools for the challenges of a show. I have also seen him mentoring, training and take great care of his team. I have no doubt his skill set makes him the ideal guide to help you progress in your career

Salvador Zalvidea

VES Winner VFX Supervisor at Netflix


What's in it for you?

With The Next Level program, your focus will be to learn how to better support your future teams with a different and specific type of knowledge that will enhance your technical and management ability to harness a project from a leadership position!

The program will change and develop your mind in a different way!


You will get started on the right foot! A growth mindset will transform your approach, enabling you to adapt, learn, and excel in any situation. You will gain a different perspective that will make you a proactive, resilient, and unstoppable individual!


Support your future teams on every front with a great, different, and original technique that will make you think outside the box and be able to solve any problem - even when you don't know the answer immediately.


Empower and optimize your compositing systems and pipeline through scripting, enabling you to work at super-optimized levels. Take that knowledge to whatever heights you wish to.

TCL, Python and QT


Harness any project, before and during production, for a less stressful endeavor! You will gain the knowledge to build systems that will provide you with a clear vision of your project at all times, transforming reactive behavior into predictive behavior.


Soft skills combined with a solid strategy for your career will lead to your success. Master these skills to become proactive, influential, and adaptable, which will elevate your career to completely new heights. | © 2024 Comp Lair™

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