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Forget what we're telling you! Read what others are saying about it.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for this program; I have raved about it before and I will continue to rave about it often. It not only helped me to be a better leader, with a better technical and management understanding of the work my team and I do every day, but it also helped me to build a relationship with leaders around the world. This was one of the best experiences of both my life and career. The course really came full circle with all of the lessons and I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to step up their game and become a great leader/supervisor.


Brittany Piacente

Senior / Lead Compositor


I really enjoyed participating in the Next Level program. 

I learned a lot, gained fantastic insights into my fellow classmate's perspectives and also learned a great deal from their questions. The program has really been a rounded and positive experience and I am happy to have made the next step in my artists journey. Thank you Pedro and Monica for your dedication and for bringing this program to life!


Sabine Janetzka

Lead Compositor


The Next Level Program has been a fantastic learning experience. Pedro offers a different perspective on creative solutions and teaches the technical and most complex subjects in an easy to understand fashion. On top of it all, he has a fantastic approach to project management that I can't wait to implement in my own career.


Tor Andreassen

Compositing Supervisor


The program is really a step into the next level. It is very thorough, well thought, challenging at times but also very well supported by Pedro. The class interaction, the weekly meetings and all the discussions were super productive and a huge bonus to the vast amount of classes.


Mauricio de Oliveira

Compositing Supervisor


It was a awesome 3 months learning from Pedro and the other awesome compositors in the group! Great for anyone wanting to sharpen their blade and take the next steps in their career.


Dustin Henning



I learned way more than I thought that I would but more importantly, I learned in a way that cements the concepts for me so that they stick, and so that I can start to integrate and build on these as part of my workflow so that these are not just learned skill but become my own skillset, building on them in ways that I did not think I would before. I really think that this has been a great journey and I feel so much more confident to tackle more and more complicated and challenging shots now. There's just so much to go through that I know I'm going to be constantly coming back to refresh on the many topics covered. If I was at a crossroads before taking the course, then I'm glad I chose to take to Comp Lair path! Looking forward to putting more techniques into action very soon! 


Gavin Whittaker



The best investment I did this year. All the arguments are covered to give you the right confidence in embracing the next big step in becoming a compositing supervisor. The course and the weekly call with Pedro and the whole class, helped me look at things with a broader look. This is exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to bring this knowledge to my future leadership roles.


Michelangelo Frisoni

Lead Compositor


Being part of Class01 is always a risk since we don't know exactly what to expect. I knew Pedro for a couple of years and always have great admiration for his technical knowledge and his experience in the industry. This program was the best choice I made since I came to London. This allowed me to shape my skillset in a creative and practical way, develop a methodology to approach different problems, have a better understanding of some programming languages, and also build a great relationship with all the other industry colleagues. I am truly happy that I took that risk. I am sure this will change my career.


Igor Gama

Compositing Supervisor


The Next Level program has offered me a wealth of knowledge that was just as bit as valuable as I expected. It has provided me a much deeper technical understanding of compositing and has opened up so many new solutions and ways of thinking. It has built up my confidence to be in leading and supervision roles and has allowed me to help my teams more than ever before. It was an amazing experience to be part of this class.


Livia Nunes

Lead Compositor / TD


I took a bit of a leap signing up and I feel like that leap was worth it. The course eased me into a false sense of security, starting with content I was familiar with before throwing me into the deep end with some really great content. The experience really shone in the last few weeks. Learning project management and the soft-skills to back them up was exactly what I was hoping to gain from the experience. One thing I hadn't counted on, was getting to bond with such an awesome group of people, who I plan to stay in contact with long after the experience is over.


Chris Fryer



While being a course for future compositing supervisors, this experience and the knowledge you gain from it, will not only transform yourself but also impact how your future teams will work under your leadership.


Marcel Pichert

Senior / Lead Compositor


This program has "Comp Lair" in its name for a reason: You will dive deeper and deeper into advanced techniques and the more technical realm behind compositing. Knowledge which should be a must for any Mid/Lead or Sup, as it will greatly help the overall experience for himself/herself, the team and the outcome of the project. Pedro is amazing in explaining the most complex topics in a digestible way and doesn't fear from going further as he knows what he is talking about. Once you found your main path through the lair, you will be enlightened, but you also know: the journey has only just begun and there are so many tracks and ideas to follow, which you haven't seen before the program, which will eventually lead to your personal goal in compositing. Thank you, Pedro!


Bernd Macht




The programm was an exciting journey through the tasks a Compositor is faced with on a daily basis. Combined with the skills to overcome programming and management related challenges, I look forward to applying the newly gained knowledge and super-charge my career in the VFX industry!


Felix Pichler


Pedro’s artistic and technical prowess is above and beyond. It was an amazing three month journey learning new skills every week. The weekly calls were invaluable as well. It was fun to see everyone’s progress and talk shop. Looking forward to building on these new skills and growing as an Artist. Thanks again Pedro!


Glenn Teel



Awesome program! It definitely helped fill in the gaps about compositing . I honestly feel that I have better understanding with python and nuke, and colour management / science!


Danny Lee

Lead Compositor


I enjoyed and learned a lot with this Course. Really advanced topics and smart techniques that couldn't find anywhere else. I fully recommend it!


Pablo Izaguirre

VFX Supervisor


The Next Level is what i was looking for. Top knowledge for experienced compositors. I still have to master what we have learned, but i feel it has everything i need.


Victor Morejon

Senior Compositor


The program that Pedro put together was interesting from the very first lessons. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about all the topics he taught us. He made sure everyone could get the best out of the course in order to improve ourselves in our careers.


Simone Zuccarini



This course has hands down been one of the best career investments I have done. The depth of knowledge, the breadth of topics, the access to Pedro's weekend group calls, the PA tools, the course Challenges and the ability to revisit the material after completion make the course invaluable for anyone that is looking to take their VFX/Nuke learning to the next level. Brilliantly designed and well executed. Highly recommended!


Courtney Pryce

Senior Compositor


This program was the best investment for me. It came at the right time in my career. This whole program is not just tutorials, but a whole syllabus of compositing. It imparts a root understanding of the process that enables and enlightens the thought process to explore new things on your own. Learning is a never-ending process and being on the right path with the right people as a well-versed mentor is important. Comp Lair is that right path and  Pedro is the right mentor. Thanks a LOT!


Basannt Raj Singh



Super good program for compers and supes. I highly recommend it.


Lynx Zuo



I was recommended the program by friends who were on classes 1 & 2. I am really glad that I made the jump! My goal was to be more confident about my overall knowledge and understanding before starting to help out others. I feel like I got that and that the lessons are excellent, covering many basics and a lot more advanced techniques and that the weekly chats were the highlights! I am satisfied and happy to recommend it to others!


Attila Gasparetz

Lead Compositor


Comp Lair - The Next Level truly lives up to it's name! The information transmitted along with the live video meetings are transformative, not only by way of technical skill development, but also through understanding how to become a better and more well-rounded Compositing Supervisor. There's so much quality content made available through this program, that I am looking forward to refering back to all of the resources as I move forward in my career. Thank you Comp Lair team for offering this one-of-a-kind training!


Ari Reisner

Senior / Lead Compositor


Simply awesome!


Daniel Lang

VFX Supervisor / COO


While we do not have any affiliation or partnership with any VFX facility, we're proud to say that we're helping professionals achieving their goals, that work in the biggest VFX companies in the World.

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